Friday, October 2, 2015
Randy Speeg

#OctoberFrights Blog Hop: Day 2, Burning (a poem)

Here’s a poem excerpted from my Horror Poetry Collection, The Fears and Dreams of Everlasting Life, which is available at Amazon: Click Here for $0.99 (or read for free with Kindle Unlimited). Fears and Dreams will also be on a free promotion on October 10th.


Spiral, spiral, burning bright
Eyes that mar, Eyes that bite,

Hot waves gnashing cold flesh
Cells bursting, Rupture, fluids mesh,

Trembles, quakes, body aches
Shivers, quivers, the sun delivers,

Bursting, popping,
Bubble-wrap skin
The flames distilling
Every ounce of sin,

Falling down, crumbling to ash
Eternity ends in a brutal flash.

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