Saturday, October 10, 2015
Randy Speeg

#OctoberFrights Blog Hop: Day 10, A Wraith’s Passion (poem)

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It’s the last day of the Blog Hop and I have my treat for you. My collection of Horror Poetry The Fears and Dreams of Everlasting Life is available for free today only on Amazon. And here is another one of the poems from the collection.


A Wraith’s Passion

Trapped in life
By a dark angel’s heart
Obsessive love
Grown from childlike need
Innocence fed
By the darkest lusts,

Forever turned to the dark path
A lover’s betrayal cut too deep
Soul longing for escape from pain,

Blade of dark blood pushing through
The reaping of a dark dream
Agony of an eternity never passing,

Until a fatal thought and memory
Clawing through the tempest
Into a rebirth
Becoming an echo of a former self,

Trapped in death
By a dark angel’s soul
Dark passion
Grown from obsessive love
Malevolence fed
By lustful fetters,

Wraith haunting
From beyond the shroud
In pursuit of an undying passion
Walking on the edge of
A beautiful Oblivion.

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