The Night Has Teeth

The Night Has Teeth

A short story of suspenseful horror

Published by Sasgora Books

Carrie and her husband Steve are traveling to her parent's house for what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday weekend. However fate has other plans for the couple. A severe thunderstorm and an unexpected detour will bring them face to face with a horror neither could have ever imagined.

Carrie has been seeing strange things, and strange creatures all her life. Tonight she sees something monstrous beside the highway. Something that has apparently decided to follow them.

This is one getaway that will teach Carrie there really place like home.

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Reviews for The Night Has Teeth:

Steve is driving his wife Carrie to visit her family in West Virginia in a rain storm. During the drive, Carrie thinks she sees a bigfoot digging on the side of the road. Her observation and her reflections on her strange past is a great way to bring readers along for the ride. The character's thoughts build the suspense, so, by the time the action takes place, the nightmare is in full swing.

What I thought to be a predictable twist turned out to be the most unexpected ending that I've read in a long time! I hope to read more by Randy Speeg.
—Ursula K Raphael, AstraDaemon's Lair

The Night Has Teeth by Randy Speeg was sixteen pages in length with an average of 250 words per page, making it about 4,000 total words in length. It took about ten minutes to read, but the developments in this story will have me thinking about it for the rest of the day. This is Randy Speeg's first published story and he is currently working on his next book. He specializes in horror, supernatural, and science fiction.

There were two main characters, Steve, the husband and Carrie, his wife who were taking a road trip to visit her parents during an extended holiday weekend. Carrie is presented to having a past of seeing things that others don't, which gives her a mysterious element. The story begins with Steve and Carrie driving through a storm that provides the perfect setting to already give the reader goosebumps, coming from the nervous energy shared between the two characters. The weather is turned on the radio to hear that it's going to be a long night filled with rain. Detour signs and flares are on the highway, but nothing pertaining to construction was on the radio news. The detour leads to a new life for the both of them.

The story was constantly building on itself. I had thought the main twist was taking place, when another and another twist was thrown in. I was constantly trying to guess the ending and I failed happily. I felt tense with the rain, felt anxious with the detour, and was excited to see where the story would lead after that build up.

I would recommend this story for those who enjoy a little mystery and suspense with a dash of gore. It was a beautifully written short story and had me constantly on the edge of my seat. I loved the detail that was put into the characters as the author built them up, so that the reader got to know them and was able to feel their struggles with them.

I give The Night Has Teeth four out of four stars. The pros were the detail involved in each little conversation that happened, followed later by an event that would bring it clarity. It showed how well the plot was planned out and how much the author put into this story. The only con was I didn't make the connection as to why a pregnancy was brought into the story. I would highly recommend this title and am excited to see what this author thinks up next.